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Capsule Filling

Capsule Filling

Arcon supplies a range of high quality Automatic Capsule Filling Machines to suit your requirements.

The range allows for 1 - 20 holes and between 8000 and 150 000 capsules to be filled per production hour.


Range of Capsule Sizes
  • #00 - #4
  • #000
  • #5


With accuracy rates of 97-98% and the possibility to fill powders, pellets, tablets or a number of combinations, the Automatic Capsule Filling Machine is suitable for a variety of applications.



  • Precise filling
  • Faulty capsule ejection
  • Touch screen control system
  • Reinforced dust-collection function
  • Pellets and tablets can be filled by optional device
  • Newly designed round body results in maximum visibility
  • Powder undergoes 5 compression stages before insertion
  • Reduced noise and vibration as a result of index and cam-drive method